Exams are held twice a year ie. June & December. Therefore the best time for candidates to join is Jan/Feb & July/Aug.

Summer Camp( 10 may to 20 June) Timings:
8 am to 11am morning 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm evening

Speak Well: A specially designed model of spoken English for mother's, father's , executives and students .
Maths Guru: Lets remove the FEAR of facing the maths paper with cold hands and pale bodies.

Timings: 4pm to 6pm. Monday to Saturday

Special Activities

Specially designed Activities

Scribbling & Drawing : First brush with drawing develops eye hand coordination.

Role enacting : Children love to do what adults do. Various items of daily use are demonstrated and made to use through educational kits , to teach the kids various concepts behind these items.

Playing with blocks : They help tremendously in the identification of colors , shapes, patterns and what balancing is all about.

Displaying kid’s activities : Nothing can encourage a child more than praises . so most activities by students are displayed for their encouragement. Child feels important and noticed.

Music and dance : Music songs and dance ignites energy in them , keeping them active to learn things faster and easier .Through songs the information we want to deliver is cemented in their hearts.

Fun in the sand : Sand games help them unleash their imaginations . They are given tub , spade and different hollow shaped blocks through which they create various figures and structures. It also helps them in the development of muscles as well as improve the co-ordination between eye and hand.

Story telling and enacting : The children are made to listen theme stories . listening to stories makes their tiny imaginations run wild and later they are made to enact the different roles they just heard about. They can thus be taught important rules like obeying parents ,maintaining discipline and the like.