Exams are held twice a year ie. June & December. Therefore the best time for candidates to join is Jan/Feb & July/Aug.

Summer Camp( 10 may to 20 June) Timings:
8 am to 11am morning 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm evening

Speak Well: A specially designed model of spoken English for mother's, father's , executives and students .
Maths Guru: Lets remove the FEAR of facing the maths paper with cold hands and pale bodies.

Timings: 4pm to 6pm. Monday to Saturday


Our Philosophy

Our ancient schools and probably the first schools were held under a tree. For us a tree symbolizes a school .We believe that children are raw buds ready to bloom . Just as a flower, which has its origin from its parent plant grows from a bud to a beautiful flower , spreading its beauty and fragrance , our principle of nurturing right from the foundation stage ( ie. Beginning) to stage where children have the confidence to distinctly emerge as bright future of our country.
To achieve our philosophy we have set our goals on realistic achievable targets . The complete pre-nursery program is based on scientific principles on Child Development by early childhood experts . The stage wise curriculum is accordingly formulated for general learning .Interaction based exercises , questioning , logical reasoning , concept – solving and other important techniques form an integral part of the curriculum which in one away or the other leads the discovery of hidden potential , latent talent and a medium for our evaluation.


The innovative compilation of the “Grow to Bloom” curriculum is the sum of all hard work and experience of Early Childhood professionals who have infused their energies and expertise to ensure high quality learning standards and outcomes.
The curriculum for 2 to 5 year old children is quite challenging with activities that engage children in higher level thinking , exploration and language development